5 Pointz Demolition-Street Art-2014-Long Island City-Queens-NYC-3

The day has come for 5 Pointz. Animal New York reports that as of this morning, “a backhoe began tearing into the building that was once the graffiti mecca of New York City. While curators and artists have moved on to other locations in the city, it’s difficult not to see this moment as a symbol of what New York City (its planners and developers at least) aspire for it to be. But in the world of street art in America, a permanent building for aerosol art is probably too much to ask .

“9 months after being announced, demo has started in just the wooden back section. Don’t believe the hype.” says Marie Cecile Flageul, spokesperson for 5 Pointz. As you can see in the photos, the main structure is still very much intact. It is the just the back area by the parking lot for now. It may still be a while before the actual building comes down.

5 Pointz Demolition-Street Art-2014-Long Island City-Queens-NYC-2

5 Pointz Demolition-Street Art-2014-Long Island City-Queens-NYC

The whitewashing of the building was probably more shocking than this physical destruction, which we were all mentally prepared was coming. But we’re already feeling nostalgic. Maybe one day New York developers will become as enlightened as those in Brazil (or even their peers in New York City), and start commissioning street artists to beautify their buildings!

For those missing 5 Pointz, absolutely do not miss this street art show in a former police precinct in Gramercy, featuring the work of 70+ artists.

To find out how amazed she was at rave party scene at 5 Pointz in the film Now You See Me, get in touch with the author @untappedmich. Additional reporting by Rachel Fawn Alban.