4. Clark Street in Brooklyn Heights

Clark Street Subway Hotel St. George-Brooklyn Heights-NYC

The Clark Street station in Brooklyn Heights opened to the public in 1919, around the same time of the establishment that it calls home: the former Hotel St. George. Finished in 1929, the St. Georges Hotel was the largest hotel in New York City at the time. Big personalities such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Truman Capote could be seen at the hotel’s recently redisocvered Olympic-sized swimming pool, and President Roosevelt even spent his nights there during trips to NYC.

The hotel began to lose its foot traffic in the 1960s, and eventually shut down in 1995 after a fire destroyed much of the building. The building where the Clark Street subway is located now is used for student housing, but the original St. Georges Hotel sign and awning remains at the entrance. Furthermore, the former lobby of the hotel is now the subway station entrance hosting a mini mall of sorts where you can buy flowers and get a magazine.