Earlier this year, we presented 8 combination coffee shops in New York City, ranging from record shop coffee shops to flower shop coffee shops and everything in between. Since then, we’ve come across a lot more combination joints where you can get a drink, sip a coffee or grab a slice of pizza, all while reveling in another fun activity ranging from board games, arcade games, video screening or even getting your hair cut.

1. Board Game Cafe: Uncommons

Photograph Courtesy of The Uncommons

At Uncommons in Greenwich Village, all you need to do is pay $5 and you can sit there all day, pick from over 480 games, and play as much as your gaming heart desires. You still have to pay for the coffee and food, but customers usually get hungry after hours of competition. They have all the classics along with family games, strategy games, abstract games, party games, etc. You think of a game or edition, and odds are Uncommons has it. For a calendar of events, click here.