3. Bergen Street Comics

While nowhere near as large as Midtown or Forbidden Planet, Bergen Street Comics is probably the best-looking comic book shop in all of NYC. Focused mostly on selling graphic novels and independent comics, this small comic shop in the middle of Park Slope has held events featuring some of the most popular voices in independent comics.

Bergen Street Comics is located on 470 Bergen St 

4. Jim Hanley’s Universe

Many comic book shops over great selection. They also have many collectibles, t-shirts and accessories that many comic book fans want to spend their money on. For the fan who just wants his store to be 100% comics, there is not better place than Jim Hanley’s Universe. A staple in Midtown for decades, the selection of Jim Hanley’s matches that of any other comic book shop in the city. However, it does not have many personal space issues. We have gone to get rare and much sought after graphic novels without having to squeeze in-between people every three seconds. To some of us nerds, especially in the summer months, the thought of breathing space alone is enough to get us to go to Jim Hanley’s.

Since its opening over twenty years ago, the shop has expanded to Staten Island and a now-closed shop in New Jersey.

Jim Hanley’s Universe is located on 32 E 32nd St

5. St. Mark’s Comics

Sure, St. Mark’s Comics is not the biggest, or nicest looking comic shop in NYC. However, the charm of this little, but respectable comic shop is that it stays open way later than other shops in Manhattan do. Also, on numerous occasions, we have been able to get our hands on a comic book or graphic novel seemingly nowhere to be found elsewhere in the city. In the heart of St. Mark’s Place, which changes seemingly every month, St. Mark’s Comics survives to offer its customers great deals and rare finds.

St. Marks Comics is located on 11 St Marks Pl

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