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Going back into the archives, WNYC has a great interactive “Lost Subways” map that showcases the abandoned or never-completed subway stations of New York City, as well as never built lines. It’s a great tool to go along with our popular article on 7 of NYC’s abandoned subway stations. Here’s a quick rundown:

Manhattan’s Abandoned Subway Stations

1. City Hall Station

This decommissioned subway station was the real jewel of the IRT subway line when it opened, with Guastavino tiling and a curved track. With a platform too short for the new trains, it has been closed since 1945 but is open for tours through the New York Transit Museum.

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6 thoughts on “Fun Maps: The Abandoned Subway Stations and Lost Subway Lines of NYC

  1. It should be pointed out that NY Transit Museum tours of the City Hall station are open to Transit Museum members only at certain times during the year.

    The station can be seen if you remain aboard the downtown 6 train as it leaves the Brooklyn Bridge station and goes around the City Hall loop to the uptown platform at Brooklyn Bridge. While you cannot get off the train at City Hall you can see the various aspects of the station.

    Since the train has to go around the station curve at a slow speed, it is recommended that you be in the 7th, 8th, or 9th car of the train to get the most optimal viewing.

    1. Any hard-core New Yorker would know that when the downtown local gets to Brooklyn Bridge non TA employees get kicked off the train, unless you’ve found a good place to hide.

      1. We have found that is not the case at all. We took a ride again recently and the MTA employees were find about it.

  2. The map doesn’t include any extensions east of Flushing-Main Street for the 7 train, or the E/F east of Jamaica-179th Street, or the E/J/Z southeast to Rosedale.

  3. #4 it the lower level of port authority was made to prevent any extension of the IRT 7 train due to the fact they were competing companies at the time.

  4. There’s no 7 train at 63 Dr-Rego Park, as indicated in the Cross-Forest Hills Connector section. The E/F don’t stop there either under normal daytime operations.

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