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At one point in our lives we’ve all imagined what it would be like to live like James Bond. Handsome, smooth, falling for women with ridiculous names. Traveling the world wearing those expensive suits, drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred), and driving a classic Aston Martin. Not to mention, getting to use all those inventive gadgets made by his friend Q, before all of his adventures. Inside a small shop in the West Village, Spy Shop Inc. they can’t get you an exploding pen or rocket shoes, but they can help you get equipment for the spy in all of us. 

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Founded by former members of the N.Y.P.D in 1989, Spy Shop Inc. sells everything from telephone recorders, to GPS tracking systems to cell phone scramblers.  They have three locations (two in New York City, one in Atlantic City) and have offered their services to beef up security for corporations, families and anyone with an Internet connection. For those who live more paranoid lives, the shop also offers Professional Debugging, where they will sweep your bedroom, office, etc. for any recording equipment or hidden cameras.

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Some of the cooler gadgets we saw on our visit to the Spy Shop were teddy bears with hidden cameras hidden inside them. We also tried on sunglasses that have a mirror so we can see the super spies and shadow government agencies following us. There’s also a mannequin in full on stealth gear, a la Sam Fisher, while holding a golden gun (perhaps another homage to James Bond). The clientele for a place like this ranges from everyone from corporations who want to avoid being a victim of espionage, to new parents who want to keep an eye on the new nanny, to less savory types we surmise.

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While coming off as just another novelty store, Spy Shop Inc. is actually something that clearly serves a purpose. It’s also not the only spy shop in New York City (do a quick search), but is certainly the most consumer friendly. So the next time you’re in the West Village, before you hit the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, check out the Spy Shop and become more like Bond.

Spy Shop-Untapped Cities-NYC-West Village

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