Hardhome-Game of Thrones-White Walkers-Wildlings-Film Location-Northern Ireland-Magheramorne Quarry.

In many ways, Game of Thrones, the HBO television show, has come into its own this fifth season, diverging, fast-forwarding and reimagining the all-encompassing books by George R.R. Martin. The early arrival of the white walkers at Hardhome was a welcome action-packed change to the political machinations building up over seasons (and a battle not in the books). The settings of Game of Thrones continue to be as impressive as ever as new kingdoms and worlds are introduced, and unsurprisingly the show is shot all over the world. Here’s where each of the worlds are filmed (with some CGI magic added in of course):

Kings Landing

Game of Thrones-Kings Landing-Dubrovnik-Croatia-Film Locations

Much of the exterior of Kings Landing starting in Season 2 is shot in Dubrovnik, Croatia, a walled stone city and UNESCO World Heritage site along the Adriatic Sea.

1. Battle of Blackwater

Game of Thrones-Kings Landing-Dubrovnik-Croatia-Film Locations Battle of Blackwater

The Battle of Blackwater, when Stannis Baratheon attacks Kings Landing, is filmed at Fort Lovrijenac (also known as the St. Lawrence Fortress), a fort and theater just outside the western wall of Dubrovnik. It’s also the place where The Hound brings Sansa back inside after he rescues her from the marauding mob in the streets. Earlier, King Joffrey’s Name Day Tournament is filmed here. In the cove, Cercei also says goodbye to Myrcella, who gets shipped off to Dorne.

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