The British are coming, and this time, it’s not for war. The London Architecture Diary, described as the “go-to repository of all things architectural” taking place in London, recently announced that it would be launching a sister site, The New York Architecture Diary, to collect and advertise exhibitions, talks, shows, and other architecture-related events in New York City. The site is a collaborative effort by various New York architecture firms and societies and headed by Architectural League of New York.

Said Executive Director of The Architectural League of New YorkRosalie Genevro, in a press release: “We are very excited to launch this great new site, which will not only help people zero in on specific events and exhibitions to attend, but will also give an overall picture of the extraordinary breadth and depth and vitality of architecture culture in New York.”

The sites themselves will provide individuals with information on exhibitions, developments, and other architecture-related news going on within the city. The two sites together will be known as the Architecture Diary Network.

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