9. There are 37 Miles of Library Stacks Underneath Bryant Park

New York Public Library Stacks Cross Section Illustration-Bryant Park-Steven A Schwarzman Building-Image: Bryant Park Photo Collection

The stacks of the New York Public Library at Bryant Park contain 125 miles of shelving, 88 miles in the seven stack floors of Humanities & Social Science Library and 37 miles in the two-level stack extension under Bryant Park. These self-supporting steel stacks also function as structural elements of the building, buttressing the floor of Rose Reading Room.

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  1. Is this correct? The little park by the West 72nd Street and Broadway subway station was known as Needle Park in the 1970s and was the setting for the film THE PANIC IN NEEDLE PARK, with Al Pacino. I could be wrong, but I am skeptical that Bryant Park was also called Needle Park.

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