4. The Royal Suite Was Home to King Edward VII and His American Wife

Royal Suite-Waldorf Astoria-Untapped Cities-AFineLyneSuite 28A – The Royal Suite

In keeping with the glamour and gossip that filled the halls of the Waldorf Astoria, King Edward VII, who had given up his throne to marry a twice-divorced American, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, arrived at the Waldorf Astoria for their first visit to the U.S. in 1941.  Now known as The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, their love for their many pugs and her love of the color powder-blue can be seen today in Suite 28A The Royal Suite.

A recent renovation by the hotel recaptured what made it their home, with the walls painted in her favorite color, and blue silk on the couches and chairs. The two-bedroom suite has a large living room with baby grand piano adorned with framed photos of the Duke and Duchess. Attached is a formal dining room that can seat twenty and a small kitchen. On the chairs in their bedroom, pillows with images of pugs are similar the the pug pillow’s the Duchess collected. The Duke and Duchess had this suite well into the 1950s.

Bedroom in Royal Suite-Waldorf Astoria-Untapped Cities-AFineLyneThe master bedroom in the Royal Suite

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  1. Many years ago, placards in subway cards had interesting facts regarding New York. One in particular related to The Waldorf Astoria and is never mentioned these days. According to the placard,The Waldorf Astoria masonry does not actually touch the sidewalk. The building has a space of about an inch all around the building where it “almost” meets the sidewalk and was built this way to reduce vibration from the trains running under it.

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