5. Maille Luxury Mustard, Upper West Side and Flatiron

Maille is New York City’s newest and only retail shop devoted to the selling of mustard. Founded in 1747 in Paris, this luxury French mustard maker has been around longer than the United States has been a country, and has served as the official mustard supplier to King Louis XV of France, Queen Victoria, Catherine II of Russia and King William IV of England.
Its first New York shop, located at 185 Columbus Avenue, near 68th Street has hundreds of bottles and dozens of mustards to choose from. A new shop at 927 Broadway in the Flatiron area opened in 2016. Overseen by Mustard Sommelier, Pierette Huttner, you can also purchase mustard on tap from $25 for a 4.4 oz jar to $99 for an 18.6 oz jar.
In addition to their specialty Mustard shop, they had a Maille Mustard Mobile here in New York City for Bastille Day last summer.