Doors of brooklyn - joseph lee sweeney- brownstoner- UntappedCities-001Joseph Lee Sweeney’s “The Doors of Brooklyn,” 2004

Joseph Lee Sweeney’s The Doors of Brooklyn is an iconic poster that celebrates Brooklyn’s unique and diversified brownstones. Sweeney, a successful architect and photographer, documented hundreds of the borough’s doorways and chose his favorite 30 to create Doors. A former Park Slope resident, Sweeney once told the New York Daily News that he chose to document Brooklyn’s brownstone doors because “these great artistic masterpieces have become so much of our daily routine we barely notice them.”

full poster-doors of brooklyn-joseph sweeney-brownstoner-Untapped Cities-NYC-001

Sweeney passed a year ago and in honor of his contribution to the community, the Brownstoner is creating a new version of the poster. However, their version has a twist – it will be created with your Brooklyn doorway finds. To enter, take a picture of your favorite door and tag it with #thedoorsofbrooklyn and tag @brownstoner on Instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram, simply email your photo to maude [at] brownster [dot] com. For more information on submission, click here. The top 30 images will be chosen on October 24 (Sweeney’s birthday).

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