Governors Island has become a popular summer location for New Yorkers to take a day trip on the weekends. With spectacular views of Manhattan, open green spaces and fun tours, its a perfect oasis from the daily grind of the city. However, this little tourist getaway has a deep and rich history. Dating back to the American Revolution, Governors Island was a vital strategic point given its location on the converging East and Hudson Rivers. And any place with a complex history, we’ve learned, has plenty of good secrets to unearth.

In the meantime, here are our 10 favorite secrets of Governors Island:

10. Governors Island was Once Home to Manhattan’s Only Golf Course

The Parade Ground on Governors Island was once the only place to play a round of golf in Manhattan. Built in the 1930s on the southern tip of the island, the course was approximately 800 yards and consisted of nine par-3 holes. The Coast Guard used the course until they vacated in 1996. While the course no longer exists, the location hasn’t lost sight of its roots – a miniature golf course now sits in its place. Its the only free mini golf in the city, artist-designed and part of the FIGMENT festival.

Join us for a tour of the Hidden Gems of Governors Island!