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Uncover the city that lies beneath the streets of London. There is more to London than meets the eye; from historic catacombs, to lime mines, arty tunnels and underground museums. London’s subterranean world is waiting to be explored and the London experts at The London Pass have gone under ground to discover some of the most fascinating sites and attractions.

7. Churchill War Rooms

London-Churchill-War-Rooms-Underground-London Pass-Untapped CitiesPhoto via Flickr by Tom_Bullock

One of the most popular museums in London is the Churchill War Rooms Museum, a bunker and series of secret underground rooms at the basement of the New Public Office, behind Westminster, Houses of Parliament. This is where Churchill ran the country during the Second World War and even lived. This museum is a fascinating insight into the British war efforts during WWII and into Churchill’s time as prime minister. Learn through documents, personal artefacts, interactive displays and media about what life was like during the Blitz and years around the Second World War.

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