9. Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American Art - OHNY - Untapped Cities - NYCPhoto by Ed Lederman

The new Whitney Museum of American Art, located on the New York High Line, was designed by architect Renzo Piano. According to Piano, “the design for the new museum emerges equally from a close study of the Whitney’s needs and from a response to this remarkable site.” The new space includes approximately 50,000 square feet of indoor galleries and 13,000 square feet of outdoor exhibition space and terraces facing the High Line. In addition, the Gansevoort Street entrance is dramatically cantilevered and shelters an 8,500-square foot outdoor plaza just steps away from the southern entrance to the High Line.

Structural engineers from Silman will guide tours highlighting some of the structural features of this iconic new New York City building. These include large column-free spans, exterior terraces, and exposed structure.