When we remember vintage fashions, it’s generally the glamour that stands out the most. The Gatsby glitz and the movie stars of classic Hollywood tend to come to mind first. However, not everyone was gliding around like Grace Kelly or vamping it up with Theda Bara. In fact, it’s safe to say that most people probably just kept wearing what they always wore, with small adjustments to account for different items being available or the trend of a particular cut of cloth or hairstyle. Men especially have been wearing basically the same thing for centuries with minor differences in things like neckwear, the length of a coat, or the size of a lapel.



Thinking about this, it’s interesting to see a person in contemporary life wearing an outfit that’s so unmistakably taking its cues from the 1920s but skips all the jewel-encrusted headgear and pearls and Charleston-ready dresses. This is something that someone might wear going about their everyday business, with no plans to transition the outfit to eveningwear. The layering is practical and warm, and the huge sweater looks both comfortable and dramatic. The long floral skirt adds an element of brightness and whimsy to an otherwise soft and dark ensemble, and the haircut with the cloche-esque hat give it some sophistication. It’s the Roaring Twenties equivalent of an outfit to run errands in and then keep wearing when you go home to cook dinner and watch Netflix.

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