Our popular monthly tour of the Remnants of Penn Station has some special additions this month, as the anniversary of the demolition of Penn Station approaches. Our October 25th tour will feature some special bonuses for guests – including a showing of newly discovered, never before published photographs of Penn Station courtesy of the New York Transit Museum and a reproduction ticket for each guest of the first train that arrived into the Station.

Tour of the Remnants of Penn Station

With the upcoming premiere of the play The Eternal Space on off-Broadway, playwright Justin Rivers who leads this tour with Tamara Agins from the NYC Department of City Planning, has some special things in store.  Tickets are still available for our 2pm tour on October 25th, with option to purchase tickets for just the tour or tour + play at a discount.

Here is a preview of some of the images that will be incorporated on the tour, in addition to The Eternal Space’s vast collection of photographs:

Next, discover where the 22 eagles of Penn Station have ended up (all over the country) and see more photos of the demolition of Penn Station.