2. There Might Have Been an X-City Instead of the United Nations

In 1946, the slaughterhouses were demolished to pave the way for one of the most important buildings in the world today: the United Nations. But before this, developer William Zeckendorf had hoped to build the X-City on the 17 acres between 42nd Street and 48th Street. This included four 40-story office buildings, three 30-story apartment buildings, two 57-story towers for offices and a hotel. There would also be a concert hall that could be the potential home of the Metropolitan Opera, retail spaces, a parking garage, a marina, a floating nightclub. A rooftop airport as larges as Central Park was planned for midtown west along the Hudson to support X-City, but Zeckendorf as unable to pay off the short term loans on this land parcel and sold it to the Rockefellers in 1946 who donated the land for the United Nations.