7. The Founder’s First Troll Will Be Donated to a Very Special Chimpanzee

Troll Museum-Lower East Side-Apartment-Reverend Jen-NYC-1

Foxie, a 39-year-old laboratory research chimpanzee who had her four babies taken away in the lab, understandably had trouble interacting with humans when she retired to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest in 2008. While the sanctuary staff initially saw no improvement with Foxie after offering her toys and companions, that all changed when she stumbled upon troll dolls, which she has adopted as her own infant chimps.

Reverend Jen plans to send Roxie her very first troll doll named Ariana, which she got at nine years old. She hopes that Ariana will help heal Roxie’s wounds from years of laboratory testing and anguish of having her babies taken away. To see how Roxie reacts to Ariana, be sure to check back in every couple weeks with the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest blog, which gives daily updates on all of their chimpanzees.