14 of NYC's One Food Wonders, Single Food Spots_Treat House_Rice crispies_Untapped Cities_NYC_Stephanie GeierA display case at Treat House 

New York City is full of unique eateries for people with all appetites, and as we’ve continuously explored on our series about places that only sell one thing, the city is dense enough to support a plethora of single-food spots. Using Mitch Broder’s new book New York’s One-Food Wonders, a follow-up to the book Discovering Vintage New York, which we used for our guide to NYC’s Vintage Restaurants, Bars and Cafes), we compiled a few of our top one-food eateries.

9. La Maison du Croque Monsieur, 17 East 13th street

While you’ve probably heard of the “Croque Monsieur,” the native, toasted French sandwich with ham and melted cheese, you can now head over to a petite sandwich shop called La Maison du Croque Monsieur on the Lower East Side to try out other variations of the sandwich.

These include the “Mr. Antonin,” which has turkey, provolone and cranberry sauce, “Mr. Lawrence,” which has spicy tuna and cheddar, and for those who want dessert, “Mr. Gonzalo,” which has banana, Nutella and mascarpone.

How did they choose these names? They took the first names of the lovers of French-Cuban writer Anais Nin (who lived in the same building as the restaurant and has her own croque named after her), and tacked on a “Mr.”