Considering everything else that New York City has to offer, New Yorkers probably don’t dwell on the city’s smallest cemeteries too often. However, when we actually looked into it, New York City is filled with small, even hidden, cemeteries; most of us just don’t notice them. Thus, for this list, we’ve chosen some of the smallest cemeteries (by their number of interments) around the five boroughs of New York City, in case you missed them.

14. The Quaker Burial Ground at Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Though it has about 2000 gravestones, many probably don’t know about this hidden Quaker cemetery in Prospect Park. This property, the only private one in the park, is a cemetery owned by the Religious Society of Friends (the Quakers). The Quakers bought the property, which was then just undeveloped farmland, in 1849 but burials at this cemetery date as far back as the 1820s. Although Prospect Park opened in 1867, the gravestones remained and the site is still active.