prospect-park-fall-foliage-giginyc-brooklyn-secrets-nycProspect Park. Photo by gigi_nyc from the Untapped Cities Google Glass Scavenger Hunt

Prospect Park is one of the most beloved of New York City’s parks, rivaling Central Park. Indeed, it is often seen as the park in which designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux learned from their mistakes on the seemingly unrivaled Central Park. Central Park’s secrets are a favorite among urban explorers and New York City residents alike, but the more perfected Prospect Park is not without its fascinating fun facts and secret spots. Here we have gathered together the secrets we’ve written about before and discovered through the great book Prospect Park: Olmsted and Vaux’s Brooklyn Masterpiece by David P. Colley.

12. Never Built Parts of Prospect Park

The panic of 1873 scaled down the plans for Prospect Park, allowing only ongoing projects to be completed. This meant that structures designed by Calvert Vaux, like a restaurant to be called the Refectory, an observation tower modeled after Venice’s Piazza St. Marco bell tower, and a carriage concourse were never completed. Learn and see more about these structures here.

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