8. Slurry Wall Is Eligible for Listing on the National Register of Historic Places

Slurry Wall at 1 WTC site

A hallway within the World Trade Center Transportation Hub was open to the public in October 2013. Within this hallway is a Port Authority Plaque that explains that portions of the World Trade Center Slurry Wall and the Hudson River Bulkhead were removed in order to construct the pedestrian hallway. A memorandum of agreement signed in 2005 controlled the treatment and documentation of the archeological remnants and artifacts at the World Trade Center site, and technically both archeological elements are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. However, designation on the National Register does not have quite the same level of protection as landmarking under New York City law.

World Trade Center Transportation Hub-Oculus-Opening-NYC-005Plaque is on wall pictured, on the right

See the changing shoreline at the World Trade Center site in these maps.