4. NYC’s Armories

1-Military and Naval Affairs Division-Crown Heights-NYC-Untapped Cities

There are several dozen armories around New York City, built for the volunteer militia of the city. It made sense to design the architecture like fortified castles, not only for protection but also to send a message to the public about the rule of law. While some still function as active National Guard posts, others have been converted into new uses. The Troop C Armory 101st Artillery is, above in Crown Heights, Brooklyn was built in the style of a “castellated armory, and housed equipment for cavalry, making it different from other armories in Brooklyn. There is still a National Guard unit here today.

1-Bedford Armory-Crown Heights-NYC-Untapped CitiesBedford Union Armory

Above, the Bedford Union Armory, was built in 1903 and was used continuously until 2011. It is currently undergoing redevelopment into a mixed-use space that will include residential apartments, a sports center, community space, and commercial space. See many more of the city’s castle-like armories here.