9. Lettie G. Howard

Built in 1893, the Lettie G. Howard schooner is one of the oldest and few surviving examples of “Fredonia” fishing schooners in North America. The Lettie was an active ship throughout its history, serving fisheries on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the US. Lettie arrived at the South Street Seaport Museum in 1968, and in 1994 went through an extensive two-year rebuilding process that returned the vessel to her original appearance.

After the rebuilding, the ship became a certified Sailing School Vessel by the US Coast Guard in collaboration with the New York Harbor School teaching many students how to sail, and ensuring that future generations can continue to learn from Lettie.

Interestingly enough, the South Street Seaport considered scrapping the vessel. But a cover story on the Lettie‘s situation by the National Maritime Historical Society caused a $2 million circulation, which paved the way for a $750,000 grant for renovations from New York State.  In 1984, she was added to the National Register of Historic Places, and is a designated National Historic Landmark.