6. The Waterfront Barge Museum

Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge-Lehigh Valley 79-Red Hook-Brooklyn-NYC-Untapped Cities_1
The Waterfront Museum barge in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Another historical attraction is  the Waterfront Barge Museum in Red Hook, Brooklyn. While not a bar, this attraction is family-friendly and a must-go for history buffs, and has events where alcohol and food are served. The barge, a 1914 Lehigh Valley railroad transport, was rotting and half submerged near the George Washington Bridge when purchased by David Sharps, a former circus performer for $1 in 1985.
Now, the Museum holds a precious collection of maritime history on board the nearly century-old vessel, the only one of its kind still on the water. From interactive body painting to Dutch folk singers, the Museum aims to perpetuate “that era of family entertainment and highlights the importance of the waterfront throughout history as a center for community life.”