6. #NotACrime Murals in Harlem

Not A Crime Faison Firehouse Theatre Untapped Cities AFineLyneMural by artist ricky Lee Gordon on The Faison Firehouse Theatre

Kicking off a campaign to raise awareness of human rights abuses in Iran, street artists will be painting wall murals in Harlem as part of the #NotACrime project as a way to provoke conversation about education discrimination in advance of the 2016 United Nations General Assembly. The recently started mural campaign just finished its third mural by Austrian artist, Rone, which is on the side wall of Storefront Academy at 129th Street and Park Avenue. Also completed is a mural by South African artist, Ricky Lee Gordon, located on the side of The Faison Firehouse Theatre and a mural by Harlem’s own Franco the Great, located on the wall of Custom Fuel Pizza.

More artists will be added to the campaign through the spring and summer of this year, with a goal of fifteen completed pieces in Harlem by the September opening of the United Nations General Assembly. This is also not the first appearance of #NotACrime in Harlem. The well-known Brazilian artist Alexandre Keto painted Two Women and a Child on the side of the Amsterdam News building on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, just north of 125th Street, as did artist Marina Zumi.