3. The First Precinct

Imagine all the cop shows and movies you’ve seen that are based in New York. If they shot on location, they probably took place in some of the city’s old Gilded Age police precinct buildings, which popped up optimistically all over town about 100 years ago during a period of massive police reforms. This stalwart at 100 Old Slip, built in 1909, was specifically designed to police the waterfront district. In fact, the street’s name references the original water inlet that once ran along here. Today the building is home to the New York City Police Museum, although damages suffered during Hurricane Sandy have kept it shuttered for years. (100 Old Slip)

first precinct-manhattan-nyc-Greg_Young-Untapped CitiesThe police station at 100 Old Slip must have seen its share of seafaring scallywags. Photo by Greg Young