5. Staten Island

The Staten Island Philharmonic Concert will accompany the borough’s own display of fireworks on July 4th. Beginning at 6:00 pm, the Philharmonic will perform “American Salute,” at Alice Austen Park, a waterfront location with rich history. Named after the photographer, the park is the place where the Austen mansion still stands, part of which dates back to the 17th century. The park’s grounds overlook the Buono Beach, offering a serene, unique fireworks viewing experience away from the city.


Bonus: Jersey City

Because of the Macy’s fireworks’ move to the East River, Jersey City will be unable to view it. Therefore, it is hosting the Freedom and Fireworks Festival at Liberty State Park. The park will provide a naturally patriotic environment with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island stalwart in the background.

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