Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC-CollageIllustrations by José Guízar

New York City buildings are constructed using a number of architectural styles, from the Gothic Revival style of St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the New York Public Library built in a Beaux-Arts style, and everything eclectic you can think of. José Guízar, a visual artist from Mexico, illustrates this variety of architectural styles in his project, Windows of New York. Guizar moved from a town outside of Mexico City to New York and became fascinated by Manhattan’s windows. On his website, Guízar says that each of the windows “that somehow have caught my restless eye out from the never-ending buzz of the streets.”

Windows of New York-Jose Guiza-Theater District-NYCIllustration by José Guízar

In an interview with Wired, Guízar says he noticed that “every neighborhood has has a distinct architectural identity. He has illustrated windows in a number of New York City neighborhoods including the Theater District, Chinatown, Gramercy, Park Slope and the Upper East Side.

The illustrations that Guízar creates are rendered Adobe Illustrator and are created a colorful style that is influenced by his home country. “I probably use neon pink more than other people would,” he tells Wired. “The visual culture of Mexico probably has something to do with it.” The artist says he has a photo archive of over 1000 windows that he uses for inspiration. “I do my normal thing and whenever I spot one I really like, I just take a picture of it.” The clean aesthetic is also reminiscent of the popular Paris vs. New York series by Vahram Muratyan.

Windows of New York-Jose Guiza-Greenwich-NYC739 Greenwich Street -Illustration by José Guízar

Guízar says that he hopes his artwork will be an archive for future generations to look back on. “Because who knows, in 50 years the Lower East Side could be all luxury condos.” Check out more of Guízar’s work on the Windows of New York website or his personal website

Windows of New York-Jose Guiza-Lower East Side-NYC100 Rivington Street – Illustration by José Guízar

Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC259 West 4th Street – Illustration by José Guízar

Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC-2335 West 20th Street – Illustration by José Guízar

Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC-3521 Broadway (Soho) – Illustration by José Guízar 

Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC-1186 4th Avenue – Illustration by José Guízar

Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC-22118 Orchard Street – Illustration by José Guízar

Windows of New York-Guizar-Mexico-NYC-1919 Gramercy Park South – Illustration by José Guízar

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