NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-4

It’s happened to all of us. That moment when you want to know what bus you can connect to, but it’s not on your subway map. In fact, you might have to download a whole separate app to get New York City’s bus map. Well, a Queens resident, Anthony Denaro, has created a master map that includes subways, bus, and AirTrain, called the Bullet Map (h/t Streetsblog).

Denaro’s motivation for the project stems from the logic (or lack thereof) on the MTA maps: “Why does the system map only show subways?” he asked himself, and why does the subway map show certain roads and tunnels but not others? He raises an important point: if the system is integrated between subway and buses, with free transfers between, why isn’t it more apparent to riders?

Denaro writes, “The MTA rarely advertises the fare integration between subway and bus. It doesn’t announce transfers to bus lines at subway stations. It doesn’t have a single map that shows all of it’s services together.” Subway ridership is up, but bus ridership has dropped, he notes.

NYC Transit Map Subway and BusThe full map but it’s so detailed, scroll below for close ups

Denaro’s map is made for New Yorkers who already know the subway system, not for tourists. He breaks it down by borough on his Medium post and then offers the full version, though the viewing of the entire system would probably be best on a smartphone where you could zoom in.

Lower to Midtown Manhattan:

NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-3

The Bronx:

NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-9

Part of Brooklyn:

NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-11


NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-10

Close up of Jamaica:

NYC Transit Map Subway and Bus-5

The title of Denaro’s Medium post is “Mapping NYC Transit” all of it, but this of course raises the question as to what constitutes New York City transit. CitiBike isn’t on here, nor is PATH or the ferries. Denaro himself writes, “This diagram would put together all NYC transit services that are included with an Unlimited MetroCard,” though that doesn’t explain why Staten Island just shows the Staten Island Railway, but not its extensive bus system. He does include, however, regional bus lines accessible via the Metrocard like the NICE Bus (Long Island) and the Bee-Line Bus (Westchester).

Denaro’s Medium post goes through more of the criteria, both design and system-wise, he used for the layout. What do you think of the map?

Update: Denaro has begun a Kickstarter to sell prints and develop an app for Bullet Map. Support it here.

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