La Tropezienne Bakery

Take a culinary tour of 20 of Harlem’s bakeries, from the traditional to the laptop friendly. After taste testing our way through the area, we’ve complied a list of some of our favorites below. Enjoy!

1. Lady Lexis Sweets

Red Velvet heart cake topped with made by Lady Lexis SweetsRed Velvet heart cake topped with 23 Karat gold leaf made by Lady Lexis Sweets

Starting in East Harlem, we began with Lady Lexis Sweets located in the historic Mount Morris Park district at the northeastern edge of the park.  Taking Valentine’s Day very seriously, one of their specialities is a red velvet heart cake topped with 23 Karat gold leaf. Aside from a wide variety of cakes, cookies and candy, they also have one wall of their shop dedicated to baking and candy making accessories, and another wall of healthy granola offerings including vegan granola.