4. The Albert Einstein Trail

Albert Einstein House-112 Mercer Street-Princeton-NJ-NYCAlbert Einstein’s House at 112 Mercer Street, where he lived starting in 1935

From 1933 to 1935, when Einstein arrived to Princeton at the Institute for Advanced Study, he lived in the side part of a Victorian house at the corner of Mercer Street and Library Place. In 1935, he purchased the house at 112 Mercer Street. Einstein stipulated that the house should never be turned into a museum after his death and it has continued to function as a home, with the Institute holding the right of first refusal whenever the home is sold. According to Mimi Omiecinski, owner of the Princeton Tour Company, it’s the only house where three Nobel prize winners have lived in: Einstein, Frank Wilczek and Eric Maskin.

Albert Einstein House-Mercer Street-Princeton-Side Part of house-1932 to 1935Albert Einstein’s first home (side part of the house) in Princeton

Also don’t miss looking up at Einstein’s office on the second floor of Fuld Hall in the Institute for Advanced Studies.