5. Nassau Inn Norman Rockwell Mural

Nassau Inn-Normal Rockwell Painting-Yankee Doodle Taproom-Princeton-NJ-NYC

The Nassau Inn is located on Palmer Square, a central Princeton town square created as part of a urban redevelopment initiative. The Yankee Doodle Tap Room contains an original Norman Rockwell painting, depicting Yankee Doodle and the history of Princeton. It is one of few remaining in situ Rockwell paintings still in its original location, Omiecinski pointed out. This is the second iteration and location of the Nassau Inn, which played a role in the American Revolution and following, hosting members of the Continental Congress. Though the building design feels 18th century, with low ceilings, it only dates to the late 1930s, and contains original tavern tables from its earlier location carved through with the names of imbibers gone by.