10. There Have Been Proposals for an Underground Aquarium in the East River

Image via Lissoni Architettura

Arch Out Loud’s recent design competition gave way to a series of futuristic ideas for tourist attractions for New York City’s waterfronts. One of our favorites (and the winner) is the “NYC Aquarium,” created by architecture firm Lissoni Architettura. If built, the underwater aquarium would be located at Anable Basin along the East River in Long Island City.

“The main idea is to generate an environment whereby visitors feel that they themselves are entering the water to discover the beauty of the marine life on display,” the website writes. “…[A] living shell that opens to the sky during the day to reveal the sea worlds and which closes as darkness falls to take on a “second life” as a planetarium, protecting the arena and the biome domes within, like a shell protects the pearl.”

While the aquarium remains just a concept at this time, it still hints at the future possibilities for the waterfront.

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