6. La Savane in Harlem: Ivorian

La Savane, which translated is “The Savannah,” was inspired by plains of the Cote D’Ivoire (or Ivory Coast); the mural on the restaurant’s wall was painted by a Côte d’Ivoire painter and the majority of the cuisine, like the signature dish foutou, is authentic to the Ivory Coast as well. However, in reality, the kitchen produces food that comes from several regions in Africa including Guinea, Mali and Senegal.

As a result, diners coming to La Savane should prepare themselves to experience quite the fusion of culture. The food features an array of of tastes from stews and marinades made from peanut butter to whole guinea fowls, from sweet plantains to attiéké– a couscous-like dish and another signature of the Ivory Coast. Along with the range of foods, a mix of French and English is also spoken among the staff and customers alike.

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Address: 239 West 116th street, New York, New York