1. Plaza Food Hall and the Todd English Food Hall in Midtown, Manhattan

Hotels, especially large ones, are the perfect location for food courts as they are usually located in dense work areas with a lot of foot traffic. The Plaza Hotel, located on Fifth Avenue, is home to not one, but two high-end food courts.

The Plaza Food Hall opened in the luxury shopping area in the basement of the Plaza Hotel in 2010. The shopping center was built in 2008 during the financial crisis and the food hall helped boost the business for the struggling underground shops. Today, it has over a dozen vendors selling pizza, seafood, baked goods and sandwiches, drawing in a lot of customers who stop by to shop and eat.

For a little bit of food court inception, the Plaza Food Hall is also home to yet another food hall: The Todd English Food Hall, designed by Jeffery Beers. Inspired by European cuisine, it features nine food stations, including highlights like the Cheese and Charcuterie station, the Ocean Grill and Oyster Bar, Taqueria, and the Wine Bar and Patisserie.

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