13. Le District in Brookfield Place, Manhattan

If you’re ever in the heart of the financial district and start craving French cuisine, Le District in Brookfield Place is the place to go. The market’s setup makes it unique, as it consists of three food “districts,” four vibrant restaurants, and a fresh grocery curated by the food court’s skilled taste-makers.

The upscale “Market District” is organized into “speciality stations” that present opportunities for both dining and retail. It offers a wide selection of cheese, meats, hors d’oeuvres, grilled entrees, and delectable desserts. You can also hand select your own cut or filet from the butcher or fish monger and have it prepared.

After your meal, head over to the “Cafe District” for coffee, pastries, crepes, chocolates, and other French sweets. This district has two eateries: “Coffee & Patisserie” and “La Cure Gourmande.” Between these two options, you’re sure to satisfy your dessert cravings. Finally, if you’re there for groceries, the “Garden District” has you covered. Here, you’ll find a florist, fresh produce, everyday essentials, delightful delicacies, and seasonal fare. If you also want a meal, this district also has a salad bar and pour over coffee.

While the different districts are fun to browse and navigate, if you want something more straightforward, Le District also has four restaurants serving both casual meals and higher-end cocktails. Your options include the Michelin-star restaurant “L’Appart,” as well as “Beaubourg,” which prides itself in serving food that is both French and “New New York.”