11. Acme Studios

Williamsburg‘s Acme Studios is an eclectic collection of objects, and their bathroom is no exception. There are tons of bizarre objects here, as it is a prop shop and a photo studio. You can take a virtual tour of all the bathrooms (and the rest of the space too) here.

Bathrooms are very important parts of all of our lives, and they deserve more appreciation. After all, where else do you go to have a good cry or to catch a breath of air? Where else do you go to refuel and recharge? It’s a rough world out there, and we all need a good bathroom to hide away in every once in a while.

And another important role bathrooms play: they have long been important parts of the music scene. Observant concertgoers know that some of the most beautiful poetry in the world can be found scrawled on music venue walls, and a brand new book by Lizzy Goodman about the New York City music scene in the early 2000s is called “Meet Me in the Bathroom.” Where else can you have an audible conversation at a concert? When you start to think about it, bathrooms are truly sanctuaries for the restless, the introverted, the lost and the curious.

The latest fancy bathroom in New York City is the Greeley Square public bathrooms, that was just renovated.

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