2. NYC’s Only Standalone Japanese House, the Frederick and Loretta Kohle House in Flatbush, Brooklyn 

Situated at 131 Buckingham Road down in Flatbush, Brooklyn is what the New York Times in 1997 referred to as: “perhaps New York’s most unusual residence.” The Frederick and Loretta Kohle House, or “The Japanese House” as it’s called most commonly, is the only oriental-style house built in New York City. 

While several myths swirl around the homes creation– that it was built special for the Japanese Ambassador, and it was shipped over piece by piece from Japan among others– the reality is much less exotic. It was constructed back in 1903 with the design by the Dreamland, Coney Island architectural firm: Kirby, Petit & Green with the intention for it to be an marketing initiative for the newly developing neighborhood. Though at the time of its construction, it was sold below the expected price, today the house remains both a signature for New York City and a home for Gloria and Albert Fischer who purchased it in the 1970’s.

Since the Fischer’s bought the Khole House, they’ve restored it to its original orange and green paint job and have filled the rooms with eclectic antiques that they’ve gathered over the course of 40 years. The Fischer’s will even host the occasional tour, which can be inquired about at [email protected].  Also be sure to check out feature of the Japanese House and other Brooklyn relics in Secret Brooklyn: An Unusual Guide, the newest book by Untapped Cites founder, Michelle Young, and Augustin Pasquet.