Uptown Rest Stop

The next rest stop as you continue south on Park Avenue is the Uptown Rest Stop between 50th and 53rd streets. The rest stop is called “Discover The Great Outdoors” and is full of booths and activities pertaining to anything nature related.

Like the previous rest stop, Uptown will contain an obstacle course, a mix of Parkour and climbing in an urban setting. Another fun activity found at the Uptown Rest Stop is the Adventure Zone where you can learn to start a fire, pitch a tent, and learn how to properly pack a backpack. Several different foundations and clubs, including Appalachian Mountain Club and Discover Outdoors Foundation, will be putting on events throughout the weeks of Summer Streets at the Adventure Zone and giving demonstrations to participants of the festivities on useful wilderness survival skills and holding basic wilderness trivia.

The 165′ long and 30′ high zip line will also be returning to Uptown Rest Stop this year as well. The zip line is first come first serve, and participants must sign a safety waiver before they ride. Participants must also register at 53rd Street and arrive before 8 A.M. to secure a time slot.

As mentioned earlier, we will be hosting a special Secrets of Grand Central Terminal tour this weekend at 10 am, where we’ll see some of these activities unfolding as part of the event! Purchase tickets below:

Tour of the Secrets of Grand Central Terminal