Soho Rest Stop

The Soho Rest Stop is located at Petrosino Square in the neighborhood of Soho. The rest stop is named “Feel the Burn” and focuses on all things fitness.

Crunch gym and Walk at Home will host free fitness classes where you can get your heart rate beating. The classes include a 5K walk concert, a mashup dance party that includes Zumba, and yoga classes at Crunch gym, where twenty yoga mats will already be provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own.

The Clif Kids Bike Park is a park to show children under 12 the different obstacles they would face on a mountain bike trail, as well as help coach children just beginning to ride a bicycle to help improve their cycling skills.

Honest Tea will also be giving out free samples of their different teas and new sports drink throughout the course of Summer Streets, as well as showing off their Mobile Tea Garden.