Cool Architecture

Two Former Child’s Restaurants

Child’s Restaurants, one of the first national dining chains in the country, once had over 125 locations when it peaked in the 1920s-30s—and it appears that two of them are right here in Woodside! Former Child’s Restaurants are scattered around the city, and you can still see some of their remains if you know where to look (and know to look up!)

The first former Child’s Building at 59-37 Queens Boulevard at 60th Street was built in 1931, according to Forgotten New York, when the designers started implementing more advanced decor. The building, now housing several everyday businesses, has a nondescript appearance. But this changes when you look up and see the terra cotta decor that was signature of Child’s Restaurants back then, including iconic sea horses, urns, and a coat of arms.

Woodside’s second former Child’s Restaurant is at 63-09 Roosevelt Avenue, now home to a supermarket, T-Mobile store, and other businesses. It was built in 1925, according to Forgotten NYSitting on the corner of one of Woodside’s busiest streets, most people walking by don’t think twice about this building. But history and architecture buffs will definitely pause and recognize its nautical-themed decor and knowingly appreciate the spontaneity it adds to Woodside.