6. American Museum of Natural History

The American Museum of Natural History is another location that is holding an eclipse viewing party for the special event. Unique to this party, however, is the company of astronomers that will be present at the museum giving speeches and explaining just what is happening throughout the course of the eclipse.

The events for the day begin at 12:00 PM, and include a pop-up talk and Q&A. At 1:30 PM, an outside viewing will take place until the final contact at 4:00. The American Museum of Natural History will also be streaming NASA’s live feed of the eclipse in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Glasses will not be provided at the museum, so it is recommended for guests to bring their own.

7. Hotel Americano + Bungalow Bar

Hotel Americano in Chelsea will be hosting a viewing party as well. The hotel, located at 518 West 27th Street, will be turning its rooftop into a prime location for the eclipse. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon of swimming while watching it all unfold. Admission into the party will be free, but it will cost $40 to reserve a lounge chair by the pool. In honor of the total solar eclipse, the hotel bar will be selling a special drink for the occasion: a martini with Grey Goose vodka. Solar glasses will be provided to view the eclipse above.

In Far Rockaway, Bungalow Bar  is another option: A DJ will be “on deck” from 12pm -4pm, and glasses will also be provided!

8. Todt Hill

The highest point in all of the five boroughs and on all of the Atlantic seaboard south of Maine, Todt Hill is an ideal location for anyone looking to enjoy the solar eclipse without the hassle of a viewing party.

Given Todt Hill’s elevation on Staten Island, it should make for a perfect view of the sky above. It is safe to say that there will be far fewer people competing for the best vantage point here.