As summer comes to a close, a new season of art installations will be ushered onto the streets of New York City. Indoor and outdoor meld together in events large and small, from the return of Photoville to DUMBO, to an exhibition about the disappearing storefronts of the Lower East Side and a post-apocalyptic graffiti installation.

Seemingly mundane public spaces will get bursts of color, from the steps of the Bronx to roll-down gates in East Harlem to seats in DUMBO. An 18 karat gold toilet will be available for use inside the Guggenheim Museum.

There’s a flurry of things to check out, both new and closing in September. Here are eighteen highlights:

18. DOT ART Encourages Walking with Murals on South Bronx Steps

The NYC Department of Health and the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT ART) have teamed up in an effort to encourage a healthier life-style by taking the stairs in the South Bronx. Both of the artists commissioned for the projects are based in the Bronx. Artist Josie Gonzalez‘s mural entitled Rise-Up is located at Third Avenue and 164th Street, and evokes playfulness with various size hexagons like that of children’s building blocks.

Artist Diana Perea‘s Blue-Winged Warbler mural located at Third Avenue and Weiher Court, is a mythical bird featuring “indigenous Taino designs along border squares, inspired by petroglyphs originally created by the indigenous people of the Caribbean.”

As Wendy Feuer, the Department of Transportation Assistant Commissioner of Urban Design + Art + Wayfinding, says, “Using the stairs as a canvas for beautiful and colorful murals builds on that original effort, encouraging physical activity by making it more fun to walk up and down.”