Sixteen years ago, New York City, and the country as a whole, fell victim to the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. These events will forever have its effect on New York City and the country, but in the 16 years since, New Yorkers have shown resiliency through those dark times and have proven that nothing can break the city’s spirit. Here are ten ways to commemorate 9/11 in New York City this year.

12. Tribute in Light

Six months following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the Tribute in Light memorial had been assembled on the roof of the Battery Parking Garage for the first time and then every year since from dusk to dawn on the anniversary.

The tribute consists of two beams of light, shooting four miles into New York City’s sky, echoing the shape of the Twin Towers. The lights are produced by 88 7,000-watt light bulbs arranged into two 48-foot squares. The tribute can be seen from a 60 mile radius surrounding Lower Manhattan on a clear night.

2017 marks the first year in which the Tribute in Light will be presented by a sponsor, the Carnegie Corporation of New York, who along with helping install the display, has also aided the 9/11 memorial by starting a program that allows small, local businesses in Lower Manhattan support the Tribute in Light.