8. Visit The Survivor Tree

Standing within the confines of the 9/11 Memorial is a Callery pear tree that has become to be known as The Survivor Tree.

The tree was discovered the October following the attacks, buried below rubble, broken and burnt at Ground Zero. Workers removed the tree and gave it to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation to recover and rehabilitate. The tree was returned to the Memorial in 2010 where it was made a prominent part of the Memorial.

The Survivor Tree stands as a constant reminder that regardless of what we as a city, and nation, have been through, there is always a way to grow.

7. Marine Park Memorial

New York State Senator Martin Golden will once again host a pair of annual September 11 memorials this year, one on the American Veterans Memorial 69th Street Pier and another in Marine Park.

The annual candle light ceremony features guest speakers, patriotic music, and other ceremonies. The ceremony at Marine Park will also be honoring the lives of those who risked their lives to help in the aftermath of the attacks.