3. Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, Dover, New York

Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center

The Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, originally Harlem Valley State Hospital, opened in 1924 in the town of Dover, New York. The facility utilized the open air and spacious grounds concept, stretching across nearly 900 acres and more than 80 buildings, patients were encouraged to get outside and be active. A baseball field, golf course, bowling alley, and diary farm were all located within the grounds to promote healthy living.

The center gradually lost many of its patients due to the increase in psychotropic drugs, like Thorazine, and closed its doors in 1994. Recently, part of the property was sold to Olivet Management LLC who has turned part of the former hospital facility into the evangelical college, Olivet University. Many buildings remain abandoned however, though the grass has been cut and weeds removed from the buildings.