3. There’s No Better Place to See Stars in NYC

New York is an amazing city unless you’re here to go stargazing. All our beautiful buildings and brilliant street lights may be a sight to behold, but unfortunately, they tend to drown out the light of our stars, which makes the amateur astronomer’s job a little more difficult. But what if you want to live in the city without giving up that great cosmic connection? Well, you go to Floyd Bennett Park.

Away from all the bustle and buildings of the city, the park is bathed in darkness at night making it the perfect place to get a glimpse of the stars. In fact, it’s so nice that the Amateur Astronomers Association of New York meets in the park once a month to look up at the cosmos in wonder. So whether you’re trying to uncover the secrets of the universe or just looking for a romantic place to take a date, give Floyd Bennett Field a shot.