3. Anchorage Market

Concept rendering of Anchorage Market. Image credit: WXY architecture + urban design. 

Wrapping around the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, Anchorage Plaza is comprised of the area under Main Street Arch, and the area east and west of the Brooklyn Bridge. Altogether, the 75,000-square-feet space is mostly utilized by the DOT Bridges Repair Unit.

Although Anchorage Plaza is currently closed off to the public, it is located in an ideal location to serve as a new civic commons that includes a public market. The Brooklyn Bridge Promenade stair and Cadman Plaza Park are situated to the south; DUMBO is located northeast and Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 is northwest.

The proposal for Anchorage Plaza would active the space, which — in turn — would improve access along Old Fulton Street, connect the surrounding communities and support local businesses.